Why Slow Fashion?

What is Slow Fashion?

The Slow Fashion movement encourages quality over quantity, with ethical production, sustainable materials, and beautiful garments designed to last.
The world is drowning in the wake, or rather waste, of Fast Fashion. With its rapid production, poor quality cheap materials and poor garment construction, Fast Fashion encourages wasteful living and overconsumption. Clothing is designed to be worn briefly then disposed of, and replaced with the next big trend. This is an unsustainable global issue which desperately needs to be counteracted, and fast!
Slow fashion is the polar opposite of the Fast Fashion industry - it's about quality garments, carefully made from sustainable materials, which last throughout the changing of the seasons.

Why is Slow Fashion preferable?

Clothing production creates waste at every stage of its life - from the production of the fibres, dyeing the fabrics, transporting the products, right through to the garments ending up in landfill when they are no longer wanted. Slow Fashion aims to reduce this chain of impacts. 
Slow Fashion is produced ethically and sustainably, with care and consideration, and is designed to be wearable throughout multiple seasons. It involves sustainable fabrics which are more durable - they can live up to the harsh tests of manufacture, and are designed to be washed and worn over and over.  Their production uses less harmful chemicals, and doesn't exploit human resources.
Slow Fashion also provides the opportunity for personalisation and co-creation - customers can work with us to customise their garments in ways that put a stamp of individuality on each item.

How can I make a difference?

Every decision you make as a consumer has an impact, so use your power wisely. Consider your garments carefully before you buy them, and aim for high quality items made from sustainable materials by ethical businesses.  Aim for quality over quantity, and even though your purchase may cost a little more up front, your garments will reward you with their longevity!