What is Circular Fashion?

 Tackling Circular Fashion

Many parents and carers are so easily tempted by cheap mass-produced clothing because, let's face it, kids grow up way too fast. One minute they're a tiny baby in size 0000, the next minute they've shot up through all the sizes before they've even really had a chance to wear out their clothing. So how do we tackle this in a circular way, and avoid the fast fashion trap? 

How to reduce your impact

There are a number of ways to keep kids clothing out of landfill: supporting  circular businesses, swapping with friends, and buying pre-loved clothing are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Don't let the speed of your child's growth deter you from sustainable purchasing habits and seeking quality.  There are so many places to find good quality kids clothes from great, sustainable brands.  And the great thing is that as they become more popular these garments retain a good resale value so while you may pay more for the item initially, once your child has outgrown an item it still has value and can be sold on to someone else. If you don't like the idea of on-selling clothing, then find someone to pass the items on to and pay it forward.

Look to social media, markets, and community groups - find groups of like-minded people to connect with and do your bit to keep clothing out of landfill. The best part about this is you'll connect with other parents and carers keen to do their bit, and who knows - you might even find a few friends along the way!

If something can no longer be worn, there are also plenty of people doing their bit to keep materials in use and off the tip.  Upparel, for example, is a company based in Melbourne who take clothing and fabrics to repurpose into new products. Check them out!

Lullaby Skies Circular Fashion approach

We're doing our bit at Lullaby Skies, too. In launching our website we wanted to find new ways to increase our brand's sustainability and decrease our waste.  You'll now find our Lullaby Skies Preloved section in the shop to encourage our loyal customers to on-sell their garments once their child has outgrown them, and we're getting on board the textile recycling initiative by sending what fabric waste we cant repurpose ourselves onwards to Upparel. Our first box is almost ready to send to them - watch this space for updates!